Better Suggestion

I recommend get an actual life for the likes of Bobitch, Gaetz, that cunt from GA and the rest of the Fuckass Freedom Caucus. Try starting with self-immolation – make a real statement this time. Don’t fuck it up. You need constant reminders on that habit.

These morons couldn’t find their own ass with both hands and a flashlight.


Looks to be pointed at WIndoze. Imagine that.

Micro$oft has been the biggest risk to online security since day one.


Phoebe took us on a little mountain town tour up around Breckenridge yesterday. The weather was perfect, traffic was light and we had a mafia staff car rental (BMW X7) to navigate the rocky road across the continental divide between Breck and Como through the Pike National Forest. We had a great time learning how to put the wheels up and down. That whole area is really beautiful country and we nearly timed the Aspen change just right.

If you’ve ever been up there you know most of these mountain towns are very similar tourist trap-type venues. But they make a great stop for lunch on the way home from a fun drive in the high country. I’ll be heading back in the truck soon to check out some stuff further off the beaten path.

You can see forever on a clear day up here. It’s close to 10 miles to Indian Mountain on that view across Como.

Muskovite Continues to Strike

Musk’s Neuralink to Start Human Trial of Brain Implant. Probably just trying to figure out how to shut it down for space travel.

CHATSUM: Elon Musk’s brain-chip startup Neuralink has received approval to begin recruitment for the first human trial of its brain implant for paralysis patients, targeting those with cervical spinal cord injury or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

The UAW needs some better backend …if Twitter messaging is anything important to the cause. Musk’s general outlook on life has become pretty clear. MAGA Spaceboy is out to create havoc and doing a damn good job of it.

I should sign up for the trial!

Rupert Murdoch

Hope the cocksucker enjoys intense suffering the few short days he has left in retirement. Building the biggest propaganda machine since nazi Germany must’ve kept him quite busy over the years. The spawn will quickly dismantle it with any luck at all.

Die a long, painful death.

Everyone On That Land Mass

WRT greater Eurasia, just be aware alot of these mutherfuckers are ruthless bastards with no regard for human life whatsoever. The SMO casualty toll represents a whole new level in this fuckery, and the Russians know it. They just don’t know how to get out of it now.

Any number of recent events from Kashoggi’s killing to the never ending stream of missing Chinese officials to the current dust-up between Canada and India clearly demonstrates what evil monsters some of these megalomaniacs on the other side of the planet are. I guess it kInda sucks when dwindling resources meet expanding populations.

We’re done with that offshore help desk crap.

All True

Within certain perspective-limited constraints, this stuff was all true for me, at one time or another. But that’s how stereotypes and urban legends get started. Enough of it comes and goes for people in an ongoing basis, and there you have it. I’ll go through them one-by-one real quick, just to explain what I’m talking about.

10. The winter is just one big snowstorm. Well of course not, but some of them do get big, and that’s the part of winter you always remember. My first years here after joining the Air Force at Buckley ANGB in 1983 saw -20°F temps for almost a week the 1st winter over Xmas and the following year we had one of the biggest Thanksgiving blizzards on record. But most of the time it’s pretty damn nice.

9. The wild animals are friendly. Just glad we didn’t learn this one the hard way when me ‘n Francie got too close to that Elk up in the Park one day.

8. Everyone likes craft beer. Probably true – statistically, speaking.

7. Visiting Colorado is always super expensive. Also true. Even tent camping is gonna run you some $$ once properly geared up for a family-sized outing.

6. Everyone here is high. Probably just depends on where you hang out at what time of day, not unlike anywhere else.

5. Every Coloradan skis. See below. I had great fun attempting it with the AF buds, back in the day.

4. No one works, we just explore. Bias confirmation. You can’t drive through the state and not be tempted to do it.

3. Everyone loves the Denver Broncos. Another likely statistical truth. I love to hate ’em.

2. All Coloradans are super athletes. No, just the few who are already super athletes and get to compete the day after arrival at lower elevation. Everybody else is probably fairly average across the board.

1. Colorado is all mountains. Probably about half-and-half, yeah whatever.

I’d been the one doing somersaults with skis flying in different directions.

Truck Stuff

Spent the afternoon yesterday installing a rear sway bar disconnect on the old Dodge. The upper mount needed significant re-work due to the bigger new part and my insanely close manufacturing tolerance policy. Bottom mount needed a small brass bushing to stabilize the old, tapered press-fit joint. Front will probably be an all-day job with both mounts needing rebuilt for a new link.

CTD will be fully off-road capable once that’s done and a locker is installed in the front Dana. I’m going with the OX Manual Cable unit. Country Truck down in Ft. Lupton will be getting the call on that. They did a great job fixing up the ’07 for Phoebe and Tanner a couple years ago. Nothing will stop this truck unless I break it or drive it off a cliff somewhere.

I can still do the little nit-noid stuff like sway bar links, but even that wears me out pretty quick nowadays.

Took half the morning to get it loaded. Got $18 for 400 pounds. That covers my time and fuel + it’s getting recycled.

LATE UPDATE: Took two days up front. It’s a Jeep CJ link adapted to fit with a custom bottom mount. It was within a gnat’s ass of fitting on the inside stock position in a straight bolt-up with no fabrication needed, but that didn’t happen. It’s easier to reach the release pin on the outside this way, but it was alot of work hand forging that part.

A Genuine Nasty Bitch

Lowrent Boozbag took a night out last weekend to demonstrate for the voting public just exactly what a reprehensible, selfish slut she really is. The evening highlights were spent disrupting a performance at Denver’s Buell Theater, texting, groping, vaping, and generally making a sickening nuisance of herself. Her and the current cunt service provider were summarily booted from the venue.

Categorized under crime and politics, the crime here is how such an embarrassing, horrifically unsuitable for public service cretin gets elected. It only goes to show the fundamentally universal lack of education and common sense in this country today. I could list off any number of unqualified idiots holding legislative seats who got there by simply exercising their Gawd-given right to lie and deceive..

MORE LIES: “I’m deeply thankful to those in the 3rd District who have defended me and reached out this week and offered grace and support when I needed it the most. I’ve learned some humbling lessons these past few days but I vow moving forward, I will make you proud,” she added.

Go ahead Buck. Open your fucking mouth. I’m just waiting…

Nice job, bitch. Explain that one to the old lady Xtians in ur voting bloc.
Suck a fat one, bitch.
The whole entitled Karen episode being escorted out was priceless.

I have a Question for Musk

Who’s side are you on?

Don’t say neither, you’re just anti-war. You can go suck some hard, throbbing Putin cock, mutherfucker.
X (Twitter) Failed to Act on 86% of Hate Speech Posts. Fucking nazi POS.

The 2013 Flood

Still haven’t experienced a tornado or hurricane, not exactly looking forward to it. We got lucky in 2013. No Name Creek came right up to the back fence for a few days. They say it was a 100-year event. Something tells me those time spans are shrinking. Macie Mae does a nice job summarizing the effects we experienced in the Longmont metro area, but it was a statewide event. I’ll always remember turning around to find my way home from work three times the 1st trip back in a lifted 4×4. The customer gave our crew letters of appreciation just for showing up.