We’ve Entered the Vaccine Zone

Cue Twilight Zone soundtrack. Between India and Brazil incubating new variants at an uncontrollable rate, and spotty uptake in many places around the world, we can probably start getting ready for a 2nd round of vaccinations with new vaccines. The cycle will continue and repeat until the natural selection process is complete.

We are so fucked.

Michael Collins

Sorry for the late posting on this, but it seems I’m always in catch-up mode these days. The astronaut community is large, diverse and growing fast. It wasn’t that long ago there were only a dozen or so, doing some pretty incredible stuff. Michael Collins was one of those early pioneers leading the way in space travel.

“We … know how lucky Mike felt to have lived the life he did … Please join us in fondly and joyfully remembering his sharp wit, his quiet sense of purpose, and his wise perspective; gained both from looking back at Earth from the vantage point of space and gazing across the calm waters from the deck of his fishing boat.”

Been there, done that.

I had No Idea

I wonder if it’s hard on the nasal membranes?

De-carb’d concentrate?

The sad part is, nothing really illegal about it, potentially even quite useful to many customers, I imagine. The Island Sweet Skunk Live Sugar I got from Standing Akimbo a couple months ago looks like any other white powder of that consistency, if that’s any help. All they’re doing is de-carbing and re-crystallizing it somehow. But like I wrote in the comments, “The chickens have come home to roost from the War on Drugs. It will take decades for Cannabis to live down the illicit drug disassociation alcohol enjoys – at the expense of suffering patients, DUI victims and common sense everywhere.”

190 Close-Up

The Firemouths have been spawning almost continuously for over a year. The one in the lower-left corner is guarding a freshly fertilized clutch of eggs. The biggest one has been taking turns with her doing the same in that spot behind the wood in the middle of the tank. It’s around a two-week cycle where a batch gets laid and subsequently eaten by the catfish over the next couple weeks. Every so often they get two batches going at the same time and things get real chippy.

I decided to spend a couple minutes capturing some video after cleaning the glass last week. Still haven’t found any Garra Rufas to handle that little task for me since the last one died a couple years ago.

They’re scrappy little fuckers.

It’s Gettin’ Weird Now

And sad – to see the former 9/11 hero mayor of NYC, searching for new depths near Rock Street and Bottom Avenue.

You can almost see the gears stop turning in Tucker’s head.

Did You Know We Have a Cyber Army?

There’s alot going on in government even they don’t know about. As the spy game morphed into the digital world over past decades, the U.S. allowed itself to be out-paced on the tech front for the 1st time ever. Paul Nakasone has addressed this problem.

I was a member of that team the lion’s share of my working life during times it seemed the higher up bean counting managers were lucky to remember their own email addresses, much less recognize cyber threats. It took some regrettable missteps, but I’m confident people like Nakasone leading from the front where all true leaders go, have things well in hand now.

It’s like somebody walked in and turned on the lights in the roach-infested Internet.

Drop the Gun!

Just saw/heard the Brown shooting bodycam snippet from VA. The cop was screaming “drop the gun!!” in an uncontrolled rage. There was no gun. There were no weapons of any kind at all, except for the cop’s service pistol and whatever else he was carrying.

This does not appear to require any further editorializing on my part.

The Lone Star Gang

Now that I’m getting vaccinated and the pandemic is starting to let up(?), I’ll head south next month for a visit with the Texas clan. That blue Dodge needs a new home, after I became unable to work on it a few years ago. The diesel pickups are nice, but they are expensive to maintain if you’re not doing your own work.

That hat’s gettin’ old.


A foregone conclusion for any sane person who saw the video. But who or what was really on trial there? Why do we need a murder trial to determine the legality of random police killings? Answer: because we live in a police state run by racist OWG politicians. Our fundamental values as a nation and free society were on trial in Minneapolis last week. I’m no more accustomed to that state of affairs than I am with my government being held hostage by criminal conspirators. I just find it funny when they go after each other.

Would we even be having this conversation if it was 2 white guys in an alley behind a bar? Good luck Moscow Bitch and the Orange Fuckwit. It’ll be entertaining watching you jokers go down. For now we’ll have to settle for a bittersweet victory in a battle that never should have been fought.