Tuesday, 12-Dec-2000 10:32:10 EST
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Installing NVIDIA Drivers for Mandrake
Written By: Avatarx

First off, this is what worked for me on Mandrake 7. I cannot say for sure it will work on any other Linux distribution. Also, there may be a few unneeded steps, but like I said, this is how *I* got it to work.

From a fresh install of Mandrake 7.0:

Go to

If you want to update to 4.01 instead use:

Download the following the directory of your choice:

Also download the NVIDIA drivers to the directory of your choice. Pick up the non-RPM based files.

Download those drivers here:


Exit out of X, (if you're are still in it) and get to the command line only.

From the directory you downloaded the XFree86 4.0 files to, enter the following command:


This will start the install. Other than the first question, I just kept the defaults answers. (I did try it the other way around, letting the install script overwrite everything, but got a big mess I didn't care to mess with.)

Next, run xf86config and set up our card, monitor, etc. I picked out card # 412 since my GeForce wasn't listed. (GeForce II) As long as it will use the "nv" driver, we're good to go.

Go to the directory you down loaded the NVIDIA driver files to.

First, we have to deal with the kernel driver. Start with the following commands:

gunzip NVIDIA_kernel-0.9.tar.gz
tar -xvf NVIDIA_kernel-0.9.tar

You should now have a directory call NVIDIA_kernel-0.9 Change to the new directory.

Now to compile the kernel driver: make SYSINCLUDE=/usr/src/linux/include

The compile should complete without resulting in an error. If you do get an exit on error, make sure you got your spelling/caps right etc.

That should install the kernel driver. Now for the GLX.

Hop back to the directory where you downloaded the NVIDIA_GLX driver to and follow these commands:

gunzip NVIDIA_GLX-0.9.tar.gz
tar -xvf NVIDIA_GLX-0.9.tar

Now, you should have a directory called NVIDIA_GLX-0.9

First, we need to rid ourselves of some Mesa items that will get in the way.

cd /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/extensions
mv libGLcore.a libGLcore.a.mesa
mv libglx.a libglx.a.mesa
cd /usr/X11R6/lib

Now we are going to actually install the GLX. Change to the NVIDIA_GLZ-0.9 directory. (Where ever it was that you put it.) Execute the following:


You should see no errors when the install is finished.

Edit your XF86Config file (mcedit /etc/X11/XF86Config). Get rid of the "#" in front of the line that reads "Load "glx"" and change the driver from "nv" to "nvidia" to enable the new driver. Save the file and exit the editor. (F2, enter, F10).

All done! Personally, I would reboot at this point though it may not be "necessary." Originally I didn't and Q3 got hung up on me when I first tried to run it, forcing me to do a manual reset. After a reboot, everything worked flawlessly though.

Good luck!

We would like to hear your feedback.
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