CTD Progress Report

Finished fitting the seats last week. The bucket seat conversion mod was a bit more involved than I initially expected, but that’s typical with this type stuff. I don’t know how Dodge got the so-called “Captain’s Chairs” in the club cab models. They must have had a little different frame/chassis setup or additional bracing and brackets somewhere, because the standard cab floor is nothing but heavy stamped sheet metal between the frame rails. I suppose maybe they just fastened the inner mounts to the sheet steel somehow, but I doubt they did it anything like this:

The seats are 3rd row seats out of a new minivan from some guy on eBay who does van conversions. The bracketing is designed to allow easy removal with angle and height adjustment on any plane or axis. Positioning them correctly was the biggest challenge and a close 2nd priority to getting them properly installed with solid, safe mounting. Six assembly access plug holes still need welded shut, then I’ll smooth/level the floor stampings a bit. The last step before beginning the reassembly process will be applying bed liner to the floor. I’m not a big fan of carpet in a work vehicle.

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