Well, we're not really "in London," but close enough for government work - About 20 minutes West, to be exact, near High Wycombe right off the M-40. And the weather's looking a little optimistic here too, but it's a nice place to live and work, with plenty to do and see right nearby. We've enjoyed our stay here starting back in July '95, but soon it'll be time to go and say goodbye to the UK. Till then, you can visit us here in cyberspace if the real trip's not in the cards for you.


Paul & Michelle's Page


Computer-comm being my trade for the USAF/DLA here, why not use my favorite information transfer medium and drop us an e-Mail? If you're curious as to exactly what I've been up to "officially" as 'twere, check out http://neurope.europe.dla.mil I built the server that's runnning on from scratch, (among other things) for the DLA. My partner Bryan's the webmaster there.


paul_d_shaffer@dial.pipex.com michelle_a_shaffer@dial.pipex.com


The big news is baby Phoebe! I know alot of you were wondering if we'd ever get around to the ol' procreation thing, but hey, she was definitely worth the wait. She looks like Mom, sounds like Dad (those first weeks of breaking in the digestive tract make for some serious flatulence!), and is undoubtedly the best thing that ever happened to either of us:


Phoebe Alexandra Shaffer, born 7 March, 18:52

8 pounds

21 inches long

Blond hair, blue eyes

Big feet !


Check back again for the latest news and events unfolding for us here in the UK. There's going to be alot more stuff to see and read soon as well. New pages and more in-depth material awaits only my time to get it out here. This web publishing concept is just starting to take off with me...