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     This page is devoted to some of the boring details of my life...

Updated 25 November 2001

     I couldn't resist the opportunity to take advantage of the down economy and traded in the Cirrus.  It had actually been quite a good car and I was seriously considering hanging on to it.  I figure I nearly broke even on the trade-in, based on my original down payment.  The new Sebring sedan seems to be a substantially improved vehicle:  A tad larger, smoother power-train (2.7L DOHC V6) and high NHTSA safety rating.  I know Michelle appreciates the idea of having a new car, since I'll potentially be away for about three months on deployment starting sometime in early March.

Afspc.gif (5776 bytes)   I spent the last half of winter 00-01 in Cheyenne Wyoming on what we call a "manning assist."  The comm squadron up there basically ran out of people after their outsourcing contract was delayed for over a year.  So I went up for a couple of months and helped out running their network.  It was a nice change of pace form the HQ scene as well as a rare opportunity to get some more real hands-on operational experience.  My squadron here at Peterson decided to take me out of the NOSC and bring me back to Building 1 upon return from the FE Warren TDY.  So I'm currently working the AUTODIN phase-out program, which involves moving alot of the mission comm traffic going in and out of Cheyenne Mountain off of some legacy infrastructure.  And as I mentioned above, my turn for a deployment will come up in March.  It's nothing definite yet, but I am at the top of the list in my specialty to go for our squadron here.

House4.gif (2116 bytes)    We managed to negotiate a refinancing deal for a one point buy-down on the mortgage. It seemed prudent to pursue that at this time for several reasons.  Obviously interest rates could be approaching an all-time low (at least in my lifetime).  Also, each passing day means a increasing chance that I will be able to remain here to finish out my 20 years in the Air Force.  The 19-year point when that becomes officially "possible" is 24 April 2002.  I suppose I'll be able to seriously consider starting a few new house upgrade projects after I return from my upcoming deployment.

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