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     This page contains some details about the younger members of the family...

Updated 19  November 2001

  Phoebe is really growing like a weed.  People always guess she's at least a year older than she is.  Her favorite activity these days is drawing.  She is also an avid computer user like dad, albeit for entertainment purposes only (games).  




Female.jpg (1272 bytes)  Francie has also been getting bigger at an alarming rate.  She has in fact, actually become quite the bully of the house.  Her and Phoebe have a healthy sibling rivalry going on, but Francie seems to be giving better than she gets most of the time.




Cat5.jpg (2152 bytes)  This section is now devoted to "both" cats (Garfield and Boots).  I was afraid they might not get along (both tomcats), but so far, so good.  Garfield tolerates him and they actually even play a little sometimes.  Garfield is getting on in years now, so he doesn't seem to have much capacity for that sort of nonsense anymore.



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